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How do I sign up for the Bookkeeper360 App?

The first step to utilizing the many tools the Bookkeeper360 App provides is signing up for the app itself!

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Below you will find step to take in order to setup a new Bookkeeper360 App Account and connect your Xero account:

  1. Navigate to --> Our App --> Get Started --> Start Trial --> Sign-Up Page.

  2. You can use your Xero credentials for Single Sign-On, or you can create Bookkeeper360 App specific credentials using an email and a password. These will be your login credentials moving forward. If you have Xero, we recommend using those credentials.

  3. If you do not yet have a Xero account, the App will prompt you to start a new Xero account.

  4. After completion, you will be prompted to Connect your Xero account with your Bookkeeper360 App account.

  5. Once connected you will be brought directly to the landing page.

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