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How do I manage my goals within the App?
How do I manage my goals within the App?

Steps to help you manage setting and maintaining goals within the Bookkeeper360 App

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Setting goals is an important part of growth, both personally and professionally. The Bookkeeper360 App gives you the power to set and track your own financial goals. Set goals can be found at the bottom of the Business Performance Page with in the Scorecard tiles. The Bookkeeper360 App not only displays the goals you set but also shows you how you are tracking on these goals for the current year.

How can I set goals within the App? How can I update my goals within the app?

  • Click your name in the top right of the Bookkeeper360 App

  • Click "Manage Goals":

  • From there, the app will bring up a modal where you can make changes to your annual goals, and will see them reflected on your Business Overview page.

Will my goals carry over from year to year?

  • Yes they will. Once you set goals they will remain until you change them.

What goals can I set?

  • Currently, you can set Revenue, Gross Profit and Net income Goals all of which are calculated on an annual basis.

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