Managing Integrations

Instructions to help you manage your integrations with the Bookkeeper360 App

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How do I setup and maintain a connection to Gusto?

  • After Signing in, click the People Analytics Page on the left hand side of the page.

  • From here you will be prompted to sign up for a Gusto trial or connect your account, click connect.

  • This will bring you to the integrations management page found within the Configuration menu

  • Click Connect and sign in using the pop up window. Authorize the account to be accessed and your data will sync

What can I do if my data is not syncing?

  • Configure --> Manage Integrations --> the appropriate tile will display whether or not the integration is currently connected.

  • If it is not connected, there will be a button offering you the option to reconnect.

  • If the app states you are already connected, select the 'three dot' menu option and 'Sync Data'. This should manually pull your data and it should update.

  • Should this still not solve your problem, please reach out to our support team for more help.

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