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How to understand the graphical views within Bookkeeper360

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Ways to change the views of each graph seen in the app:

You can alter the date range

  • On the top right hand side of the graph there is a drop down list allowing you to change the displayed date range of the graph.

As of now the options for date range are as follows:

  • Year to Date

  • Trailing 12 Months

  • Trailing 24 Months

  • Last Calendar Year

  • Last Two Calendar Years

  • Last Three Calendar Years

You can toggle between Monthly and Quarterly Views

Directly to the right of the date selection drop down is a drop down menu with the following options:

  • Monthly

  • Quarterly

Hiding the current month's data:

  • Often times, when looking at a partial month's data, your graph will become wildly askew. To help combat strong diving trend lines due to incomplete data, we've added an option to disregard current month's data.

  • Click the button, represented by a small calendar graphic and oftentimes found in the top right hand corner of a graph.

For any of the date ranges, once selected, the page should quickly refresh to display the appropriate data.

Using the legend, you can also toggle on and off any of the lines present on the graphs.

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