Integrating with Gusto

This article will show you how to integrate with Gusto and what information can be pulled over to the Bookkeeper360 App

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What is Gusto?

  • Gusto is a payroll and human resources service provider; you can visit for more information on their platform.

How do I connect my Gusto Account to my Bookkeeper360 App?

  • In the Bookkeeper360 App, go to Account Settings (click your name in the top right and view the box that drops down)

  • Manage Integrations tile.

  • On Gusto tile, click the 'Connect Button'.

  • A pop up window will appear, sign in.

  • Authorize Gusto access to your data.

  • You are connected! You data will sync during the next sync cycle.

  • If you would like to view your information ASAP, manually refresh the data sync found within the three-dot menu in the top of the tile.

What information can the Bookkeeper360 App pull from Gusto?

  • The graphs at the top of the page are visual representations of payroll expenses as seen on your income statement. The bar chart is breakdown the total wages into subcategories of wages, benefits, taxes and reimbursements, while the donut chart represents total departmental breakdowns.

What are departments?

  • Departments are a feature of Gusto, they are not required, but will strengthen the data provided on this page.

  • They allow you to subdivide you staff into smaller groups.

What other ways can I view the data from Gusto?

  • The dates displayed can be altered using the defined ranges found at the top right hand side of the graphs.

  • You can toggle between monthly and quarterly views for grouped data.

  • You can toggle the inclusion of the current month's data. You may want to toggle off if your data is currently incomplete.

  • The 'Employee Details' Button at the top of the page will bring you to a list of employees, listing their names, departments and managers for quick reference.

  • Department Analysis provides information on head counts, separated by department.

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