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How to configure your settings and manage your account

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Table of Contents

  1. Business Information

  2. Manage Goals

  3. Managing Accounts (CoA), & Account Categorizations

  4. Manage Integrations

  5. Managing your Team

Business Information

You can edit your Business Information on the Account Settings page.

You can update your address, EIN, as well as contact information to keep everything up to date.

Managing Goals

On our Business Overview page, there are customizable goals so you can track your Revenue, Gross Profit and Net Income YTD Goal vs YTD Actual.

Managing Accounts and Account Categorization

Within this setting you can find the accounts associated with your accounts in the Xero app, such as Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Asset & Liability Accounts, etc.

Within this setting you can search for and update the accounts to ensure they are in the correct class.

You can override the default accounting mappings for Revenue, Direct Costs, & Expenses, Unreconciled Transactions.

Bank Accounts & Credit Cards

  • Within this setting you can see what bank accounts and credit cards are pulling to Bookkeeper 360 and override the default settings if necessary.

Assets, Liabilities, & Equity

  • Within this tab you will be able to view the assets, liabilities and equity accounts pulling into Bookkeeper 360 and ensure these are displayed correctly within the app.

Payroll Expenses

  • Within this tab you can see what payroll accounts are being pulled into Bookkeeper 360 and override any default settings if they are incorrect.

Changing Default Categorizations

In the Bookkeeper360 app, navigate to-->Account Settings->Revenue, Direct Costs, & Expenses. You can search for the item in the search bar (either by name or code), or you can navigate to which category it is currently categorized.

Update the category by clicking the category drop down and select the right one. It will automatically save and you will see a green checkmark next to the category column to confirm that changes have been made.

You can also revert these changes at any time by clicking “Reset to Defaults”

Managing Integrations

Within this tab you can set up and monitor your integrations with Bookkeeper 360. We have easy to use integrations with Gusto, Xero and QuickBooks Online to make your experience with Bookkeeper 360 a seamless experience.

Within this tab you will also be able to see if the connection was successful or you can delete and add any connections for troubleshooting. Sync your data at any time by clicking the three dots (...) to sync your data in just a few moments for a real-time look on your financials.

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