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Unreconciled Transactions

What unreconciled transactions are and how to handle them with Bookkeeper360

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Unreconciled Transactions are expenses/payments that have been made and not matched to a bank statement. We can easily help you reconcile this in our Bookkeeper360 App, instead of the tedious back-and-forth of spreadsheets. You can access the unreconciled transactions tab by clicking on Account Management-->Unreconciled Transactions.

Our system looks for 1 category by default within your Xero/QuickBooks Online account to push into the Unreconciled Transactions, this is:

Name: Open Transactions

Account code: 9999

Type: Long Term Asset

However, the default account mappings can be overridden in our configuration settings.

In the Unreconciled Transactions tab you can see which transactions are awaiting to be reconciled, you will see a note with how many unreconciled transactions you have to review. Our system polls these once an hour so you are up to date with your accounts.

There are three stages of an Unreconciled Transaction:

Unanswered: New transactions that have been pulled using the category above

Answered: Transactions are moved to this section after you have reviewed and answered them

Resolved: Transactions are moved to this section after your Client Advisor reviews your answer and reconciles within the account

Once you make a comment on the unreconciled transactions page, the comment will be updated within your QuickBooks Online or Xero account within minutes.

Your Client Advisor will be able to see the answered transactions within the app and quickly reconcile them against your accounts.

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