How you can use tasks to streamline processes with your Bookkeeper360 Team

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Tasks Tab

The tasks feature in our App is a great way to organize outstanding tasks and where the current stage that they are in. The tasks tab is intended for one-off-tasks that are outside of the normal monthly bookkeeping tasks we are required to do, or perhaps onboarding tasks that we may require to be completed in order to get started with the project.

There are two types of tasks that you can utilize in the Bookkeeper360 App:

Personal Tasks:

While you are working with your Bookkeeper360 Team there may be items that we need you to complete, such as providing login information for the solutions we use with you.

Bookkeeper360 Tasks

Tasks that you can assign to us - there may be tasks that you need us to complete, and this page makes it a breeze to identify outstanding tasks and assign them to who you are working with. We use our Bookkeeper360 App internally, and will see any tasks that you assign to us on our dashboard.

How to Use Tasks in the App

To assign us a task, click “New Task” on the top right of the page.

From there, you will be directed to a "New Task" page. Give us a little more information on what you would like for us to do, assign the task to the team member you need to complete this. You can also give us a due date so we ensure your task is completed by the time you need it.

You can also complete any tasks that are assigned to you on the Tasks page, as well as see any completed tasks from Bookkeeper360.

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