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Business Overview Page

How our Business Overview page works, the Business Overview contains your custom goals, Income Statement and Business Overview Table.

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Business Overview Page

The Business Overview page serves as a comprehensive visual representation of your Income Statement on a macroeconomic scale. Its primary objective is to elevate the level of financial analysis, aiding in the identification of specific areas within your financial statement that may require closer examination.


Scorecards: Setting and Tracking Financial Goals

In the realm of financial management, goal setting is essential to assess your current standing, track improvements, and identify areas for potential growth and expansion.

Set your Revenue, Gross Profit, and Net Income annual goals in the Account Settings.

The Bookkeeper360 App will calculate the following based off of the inputted goal:

  • Year to Date Actual

  • Year to Date Goal

    • This is the calculated amount that you should be aiming for at this date

  • % vs Year to Date Goal

    • This is the corresponding percentage of the goal, whether you are over/under and by what percentage

Profit and Loss Visualization

Our Profit and Loss chart is a visual representation of your Income Statement, synced directly from your Xero of QuickBooks Online database. This graph shows your recorded Revenue, Gross Profit, Operating Income, as well as Net Income.

Hovering over the data points will display the underlying numbers, and what makes up the peaks and valleys of your Profit and Loss.

The legend at the bottom of the graph is also interactive, you can add/remove any of the trend lines (eg: Revenue, Gross Profit, Operating Income, Net Income)

Managing Filters on the Financial Reports

The chart will automatically start with the trailing 12 months, you can adjust this to many different timeframes, all the way up to the last 3 calendar years.

Clicking the filter in the top right will also allow you to hide/show the current month, some financial data may be coming in towards the end of the month, and if this is toggled to “show”, it can seem like it is trending downwards. Toggle this to “hide” for more accurate representation.

You can also toggle between Cash Basis or Accrual Basis using our filter.

Tracking Categories

If you have tracking categories set up within Xero or QuickBooks Online, you can utilize them in the Bookkeeper360 App’s filtering options.

To track by certain categories, such as location, project, revenue channel, etc., click the filter button on the top right of the dashboard:

Select the tracking category(ies) you would like to filter by. You can choose one or multiple. The Bookkeeper360 App will then update the filters on the Business Overview page.

Business Overview Table

The Business Overview Table allows you to see where the numbers from your profile and loss came from. There are 4 data points that are pulled from your accounting software (Revenue, Direct Cost, Expenses, Other Income) and 3 formulas we have created to show you your income statement.

Other Views: You can also toggle over to percentage to see what the majority of your expenses are coming from, as well Revenue and Direct Costs, and compare it month-over-month to see how these numbers and percentages interact with one another.

The numbers in blue are also hyperlinked directly to your reports in Xero/QuickBooks Online. If you click any of the numbers in blue, you will receive a pop-up report for the Month, that Year, and that account, and all the transactions that transpired to make up that number.

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