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Trends Page

Meet our Customizable Trends page - see how your accounts are interacting with one another with our insightful reporting

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The Trends page are all the details of your Income Statement. We have 7 pre-built trends, as well as the ability to customize new trends to add to your monthly financial review arsenal.

What is the Trends Page?

The Trends page is a great way to see how your accounts from your CoA are trending for a particular timeframe, and how they stack up against each other and influence other accounts.

For example, if you are utilizing a new marketing campaign, you can create a custom trend to track money spent on the advertising, vs the actual revenue that is coming in month-over-month. This is helpful to see in a visual aspect how things are performing.

Filters/How to Use Page

You can utilize our Trends page by navigating through the 7 pre-built trends we have created for you, or create new trends to monitor particular accounts of interest, and visualize how they interact with one another.

Clicking the filter in the top right will also allow you to hide/show the current month, some financial data may be coming in towards the end of the month, and if this is toggled to “show”, it can seem like it is trending downwards. Toggle this to “hide” for more accurate representation.

You can also toggle between Cash Basis or Accrual Basis using our filter.

Tracking Categories

If you have tracking categories set up within Xero or QuickBooks Online, you can utilize them in the Bookkeeper360 App’s filtering options.

To track by certain categories, such as location, project, revenue channel, etc., click the filter button on the top right of the dashboard:

Select the tracking category(ies) you would like to filter by. You can choose one or multiple. The Bookkeeper360 App will then update the filters on the Trends page.

Creating a New Trend

  1. Click “New Trend” on the top right of the page.

  2. You will then be brought to the Trend creation page. Select which accounts you would like to create a trend for.

  3. Give your new Trend a name, and then select “Save”

Note: You can only select 6 trends when combining revenue and expense accounts.

Hiding/Editing Trends

You can toggle trends to not be visible on the Trends page, by clicking the toggle on/off on the top right of each trend. (This will not delete the seven default trends)

Any Trend graph you custom create can be deleted by clicking the trash can.

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