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Cash Management Page

All about our Cash Management Page - keep track of your cashflow and learn more about your cash runway

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Cash Management

Knowing about your current cash position is just as important as your Balance Sheet and Income Statement; without maintaining a healthy cashflow, business expenses will begin to back up and cause hardships.

What is the Cash Management Page?

At its core, the Cash Management Page is your gateway to understanding the nuanced cash flows of your business over time. Complemented by the exclusive Cash Runway tool, this feature is designed to fortify your financial position and thwart potential disruptions caused by delayed business expenses.

Net Cash

Ever contemplated the impact of settling your credit cards today? The Net Cash feature serves as a lens into your liquidity, revealing the capital at your disposal post-settlement. It's a proactive measure in foreseeing your financial trajectory.

Cash Runway

Consider the Cash Runway tool your financial GPS. Through meticulous scorecards, it not only tracks your current cash position but also forecasts the endurance of your financial resources based on existing spending patterns. It's a strategic tool ensuring you maintain a resilient financial posture.

The Bookkeeper360 App calculates your average monthly cash outflow for the last 6 months, and compares that to your inflow/bank balance. It is calculating for if you continue running the business at the same rate - how long do you have for your cash burn.

If you have a positive inflow compared to that outflow, you will see an infinity symbol above months on the Cash Runway, as well as $0 average monthly cash outflow:

Cash Analyzer

The Cash Analyzer dissects the ebb and flow of cash. With bars illustrating cash movements and a line chart delineating the net effect, this feature unveils actionable insights.

The cumulative data at the page's conclusion, factoring credit card debt, unveils your current cash runway – a foundational metric for strategic decision-making.

Armed with this comprehensive understanding, our collective objective is to proactively address any potential cashflow challenges, preventing adverse repercussions.

Filters on the Cash Analyzer

By default, the Bookkeeper360 App will display the trailing 12 months, however this can be adjusted to see all the way to the last 3 calendar years.

You can also toggle between monthly or quarterly views.

Clicking the filter in the top right will also allow you to hide/show the current month, some financial data may be coming in towards the end of the month, and if this is toggled to “show”, it can seem like it is trending downwards. Toggle this to “hide” for more accurate representation.

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