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Gusto - Payroll Analytics

Powered with an integration to Gusto - learn how to integrate Gusto and how our comprehensive tool works with dashboards and reports

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Bookkeeper360 + Gusto

What is Gusto?

Gusto is a payroll and human resources service provider; you can visit for more information on their platform.

We have partnered with Gusto and developed an integration to their platform, so you can have powerful payroll analytics alongside your accounting platform integration in our Bookkeeper360 App.

How does the integration to Gusto work?

Syncing your Gusto data with our app is a breeze. Imagine your Gusto file seamlessly feeding into our dynamic dashboards and reports, updated daily for a real-time snapshot of your finances.

The best part? It's a view-only sync, ensuring changes made within our app won't impact your Gusto file.

How do I utilize the Gusto reports in the Bookkeeper360 App?


Tailor your view from a default Trailing 12 Months setup to exploring the Last 3 Calendar Years for a comprehensive overview.

Timeframe Filter

Easily adjust your time frame with a simple dropdown menu for a precise snapshot.

Flexible Views

You can also adjust the view from Monthly to Quarterly by clicking the dropdown next to “Month” and adjusting the filter.

View Options

There are additional View Options that can be applied by clicking the “Filter” button:

  • Tracking Categories

    • If you have any tracking categories set-up within Xero/QuickBooks Online, you can choose to filter for those categories to see how particular segments are performing. Otherwise, it will filter for all your financial data. You can select one or more tracking categories at a time.

  • Accounting Method

    • Adjust your Accounting Method to either Accrual or Cash depending on your business type.

  • Current Month

    • Hide or Show the current month. Hiding the current month can be valuable if you are mid-way through the month and the financials are incomplete.

Payroll Overview Reports

Delve into the specifics! Our Payroll Overview Reports provide a detailed breakdown, from expense distributions to departmental insights.

  • Expense Breakdown

    • This chart displays a visual representation of payroll expenses as seen on your income statement. Visualize your payroll expenses through a comprehensive chart, breaking down wages, benefits, taxes, and reimbursements for a clear financial picture.

Gross Wages Department Summary

  • If you have departmental structures in Gusto, this donut chart showcases the distribution of gross wages per department, providing a holistic view of your workforce expenses.

Department Analysis

For those with departments set up in Gusto, unlock in-depth breakdowns and analysis on our Payroll Analytics page. Track headcount trends, adjust views by department, and gain insights into average revenue and net income.

The app will track headcount by department MoM, you can also track specific departments by clicking the checkbox next to each department to remove them from your Total below.


Our Bookkeeper360 App will then provide you with an overview of your average Net Income and Revenue per headcount for the last 12 Months so you can see how your business is performing financially per headcount.

How to Connect Gusto on the Bookkeeper360 App

To connect Gusto, navigate to the Account Settings page.

  1. Scroll down the Account Settings page to where it says “Manage Integrations”, and click into it.

Click the blue Connect button underneath Gusto:

You will then be redirected to the Gusto connection page, follow the prompts to allow the data to sync from Gusto to our Bookkeeper360 App.

Once connected, the Bookkeeper360 App will bring over all of your data onto our financial dashboards. Please allow a few minutes for the sync to complete.

How do I sync the data from my Gusto file?

You can sync the data anytime by navigating to our Integrations page.

  1. Click your name on the top right of the Bookkeeper360 App, and click “Account Settings” from the dropdown.

  1. Scroll down the Account Settings page to where it says “Manage Integrations”, and click into it.

  1. Click “Configure” underneath your Gusto integration.

You will see 3 options under Configure:

  • Manage Accounts

    • The Bookkeeper360 App displays how your Chart of Accounts are classified and how they have synced over into the Bookkeeper360 App. For more information on these classifications and how to override them, click here.

  • Sync Data

    • Click this button to sync your data in real-time from Xero. Please allow a couple of minutes for everything to fully sync.

  • Disconnect

    • If you wish to disconnect Gusto, click this button. This will terminate the connection and you will not be able to see the Payroll Analytics Page until you re-integrate.

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