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Bookkeeper360 App + QuickBooks Online
Bookkeeper360 App + QuickBooks Online

Learn to connect QuickBooks to our Bookkeeper360 App and how to manage the sync and integration

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Bookkeeper360 + QuickBooks Online

Streamlining Your Financial Management with Bookkeeper360 and QuickBooks Online

At Bookkeeper360, our proprietary app seamlessly integrates with the leading accounting platform, QuickBooks Online (QBO), while also supporting connections to Xero and Gusto.

Would you like to explore more about QuickBooks Online? Feel free to visit their official website here.

Bookkeeper360 offers comprehensive bookkeeping services leveraging the power of QBO, alongside setup, training, and ongoing support. Dive into more details here.

Simplified Integration and Efficient Data Sync

Upon integrating your QBO file, our app syncs your Chart of Accounts and classifications from QBO. All reconciled transactions are then effortlessly displayed on our intuitive dashboards and reports, enhancing data interpretation. It's important to note that any modifications made within the Bookkeeper360 App won't affect your QBO file—it's a secure, view-only access.

For detailed insights into our financial reporting pages and their functionalities, access our informative articles here.

Real-Time Data Sync and Connection Process

Data syncing occurs automatically every 3 hours, ensuring up-to-date information. However, for immediate updates, manual syncing is available at your convenience.

How to Connect QBO on the Bookkeeper360 App

When you first sign into the Bookkeeper360 App, if you do not have any current integrations it will redirect you to our integrations page.

To connect QBO, click the blue “Connect” button on the integrations page.

You will then be redirected to the QBO connection page, search for the company in the dropdown box, and click “Next” to sync the data.

Once connected, the Bookkeeper360 App will bring over all of your data onto our financial dashboards. Please allow a few minutes for the sync to complete.

How do I sync the data from my QBO file?

You can sync the data anytime by navigating to our Integrations page.

  1. Click your name on the top right of the Bookkeeper360 App, and click “Account Settings” from the dropdown.

2. Scroll down the Account Settings page to where it says “Manage Integrations”, and click into it.

3. Click “Configure” underneath your QBO integration.

You will see 3 options under Configure:

  • Manage Accounts

    • The Bookkeeper360 App displays how your Chart of Accounts are classified and how they have synced over into the Bookkeeper360 App. For more information on these classifications and how to override them, click here.

  • Sync Data

    • Click this button to sync your data in real-time from QBO. Please allow a couple of minutes for everything to fully sync.

  • Disconnect

    • If you wish to disconnect QBO, click this button. This will terminate the connection and you will not be able to see the financial pages (Business Overview, Metrics, etc) until you re-integrate.

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