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Access to the Bookkeeper360 App
Access to the Bookkeeper360 App

If you are a new or existing client, read this article for information on how to get access to the Bookkeeper360 App.

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How to get Access to the Bookkeeper360 App

New Clients:

Welcome to Bookkeeper360, we are so excited to start working with you!

Part of our Bookkeeper360 offering includes exclusive access to our Bookkeeper360 App. For more information on what our Bookkeeper360 App is, click here.

Once you have signed the proposal to get started with us, the Bookkeeper360 App team will begin setting up your App account/portal within 2 business days. You will receive an email invitation to get started on the Bookkeeper360 App.

Invitation Instructions (New Clients):

Be on the lookout for an email from β€œ” with your Bookkeeper360 App invite instructions within 48 hours of signing the proposal. The invitation email will have information about our Bookkeeper360 App, as well as containing a link where you can finish setting up your account. Follow the link in the email to get started.

If you did not receive the email, or need the invitation link refreshed, please email β€œ”

The invite email will also contain a link to schedule your personalized demo of the Bookkeeper360 App. This meeting will be with your personal Product Success Manager who is tasked to get you set up and shown around, as well as ensuring your experience with the Bookkeeper360 App is the best it can be. You can also click here to schedule your demo at any time.

Current Clients:

If you are a current client and need access to the Bookkeeper360 App, navigate to: and use the email address that we have on file for you to login.

Please contact support if you are not sure which email to use.

Additional Users

If other members of your company need access to the Bookkeeper360 App, you can invite them by navigating to the Account Settings page. You can invite as many users as you need and will not incur any additional fees for the users.

Click here (This URL will be updated once this is on Intercom) to find a step-by-step guide on inviting new users.

Forgot Password?

If you have forgotten your password, please navigate to our Forgot Password page here.

Enter in the email address you need to reset the password for. You will be then emailed a link to reset your password and login.

If you are unable to receive the email, please contact

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