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Managing Multiple Companies in the App
Managing Multiple Companies in the App

How to manage multiple companies in the Bookkeeper360 App and toggle between them

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Managing Multiple Companies in our Bookkeeper360 App

If you sign up with multiple entities with Bookkeeper360, the Bookkeeper360 App team will set up all of your entities within the Bookkeeper360 App.

Each entity will remain separate in the app in terms of the financial pages and administrative features (such as our file manager or tasks manager pages). The App will integrate with each company’s individual QBO/Xero file and will not combine any financial data, and shows you a birds eye view of each company and how it is performing.

You can easily toggle between each company and see the associated financial pages, files, etc.

If you have more than one company and are not able to see them in the Bookkeeper360 App, please let your Client Advisor know.

How do I toggle between all of my companies?

First you will need to sign into the Bookkeeper360 App, if you have not done so already.

Once signed in, look for the “Building” icon on the top right of the App:

Click the building icon and you will be able to see a dropdown list of the available companies you can toggle/login to:

Click into the company you want to sign into, and the Bookkeeper360 App will bring you to that company’s portal. You can also go back to the account you were initially in by repeating that same process.


Q #1: I have multiple companies with different employees working at each one. Can I pick and choose who has access to each company?

A #1: Yes, you can add the authorized employees to each company. To learn more about how to invite additional users, click here (This link will be added once the Additional Users URL is ready in Intercom).

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