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All about our Account Settings Page - learn all about the behind-the-scenes processes of the Bookkeeper360 App

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Account Settings

The Account Settings page contains general settings and information about your account, such as:

  • General information about your account (eg: address, EIN, DBA)

  • Configuration items (eg: setting goals for your scorecards and managing QBO/Xero/Gusto Integrations)

  • How to manage Account Categorizations

  • How to invite new users with your company to the Bookkeeper360 App

Business Information

Your Business Information will be stored on the Account Settings Page.

Click “Edit” to update your information such as your: Company Name, EIN, DBA, etc.)

Managing Goals

On our Business Overview page, there are customizable goals so you can track your Revenue, Gross Profit and Net Income YTD Goal vs YTD Actual.

Plug in the annual goals for these categories by clicking “Manage Goals” on our Account Settings page, and our Bookkeeper360 App will do the work by calculating where you are YTD.

Account Categorizations

In this section of the Bookkeeper360 App, you can see how your accounts are being pulled over from Xero/QuickBooks Online.

Your Client Advisor/Bookkeeper360 Tea will be responsible for ensuring that these accounts come over correctly into the Bookkeeper360 App.

Team Members

The Bookkeeper360 App has the ability to be accessed by unlimited users with your company. Please let your Client Advisor know if more users need to be added, or you can add them yourself.

For more information on inviting new team members/users, please read our “Additional Users on the Bookkeeper360 App” article.

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