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How to manage the Profile section within the Bookkeeper360 App (Including updating user information and 2 Factor Authentication)

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User Profile

Accessing your User Profile

To access your profile, click your name on the top right of the Bookkeeper360 App, and click “Profile” from the drop-down.

On this page, you can update your information, such as your name, phone number, or set-up 2 step verification. To update your First Name/Last Name/Phone number, update the Profile box below and click “Submit” to save.

If you need to change the email address for the Bookkeeper360 App, please contact

Two-Factor Authentication

We support Text Message/Google Authenticator App Two-Factor Authentication for extra security on the Bookkeeper360 App.

Click the blue “Setup” button to begin the set-up process. Follow the steps to get your authentication method set-up.

Once set-up, the Bookkeeper360 App will randomly trigger you to verify with text message or your Google Authenticator App upon signing in.

If a new device is used to login to the Bookkeeper360 App, this will automatically trigger the verification process.

What if I have lost access to the device that has 2-step enabled?

If you have lost access to the device that your set 2 step-verification on, please contact us using our chat system or please email and we will disable the 2-step verification temporarily so you can gain access to your account.

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