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Need to book some time with your Bookkeeper360 team? Read this article to learn all about our Meetings page!

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What is the Meetings page?

You can schedule meetings directly with your Bookkeeper360 team on the Meetings page. Our Bookkeeper360 App is set-up to know who is on your Bookkeeper360 team, and will allow you to book with everyone that you work with.

The app will display their calendar and availability. If you schedule through the Bookkeeper360 App, you will be sent a calendar invitation with meeting details, as well as whomever you booked with.

Scheduling a Meeting

To schedule a meeting, navigate to the Meetings page by clicking “Account Management” on the left-hand-navigation bar, and click “Meetings” from the drop-down.

Once on the Meetings page, you will see a list of any upcoming meetings, as well as any past/canceled meetings with Bookkeeper360.

Click “New Meeting” to schedule with your Bookkeeper360 team member.

Select the team member you would like to book with.

You will then be brought to the calendar/availability page. The app will automatically display times available for the week, however you can adjust the week display by clicking the arrows on the top right hand corner.

The app will also display times in (EST), you can adjust the timezone by clicking the timezone dropdown on the bottom left:

Once you have found a time that suits you, select the time and then complete the booking. You can add additional information or add questions by typing them in the comment box on the final booking page.

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