File Manager

How to utilize our 2-way file sharing system within the Bookkeeper360 App.

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File Manager

What is the File Manager?

We have developed a cloud-based storage in our Bookkeeper360 App.

Our File Manager system is a 2-way street between you and your Bookkeeper360 team.

You can:

  • Upload receipts for our review

  • Upload important documents and store them in the Bookkeeper360 cloud

  • Receive files from your Bookkeeper360 team

  • Receive Monthly Financial Reports from your Bookkeeper360 team

How do I use the File Manager?

First navigate to the File Manager by clicking “Account Management” on the left-hand navigation bar, and click “File Manager” from the drop-down.

We have a few pre-built folders to help you keep organized with your files. You can utilize these pre-built folders, or create new ones to store your important files or documents. You can upload files directly from your desktop, drag and drop files, as well as upload multiple files.

How to Upload New Files:

  1. To upload a new file, click “+New” on the top right corner of the File Manager:

2. Click “New File” from the dropdown menu.

3. From the pop-up that appears, you can click “Choose Files” to select files from your desktop.

You can also drag-and-drop files into the Upload files pop-up.

You can also choose multiple files to upload from your desktop, or with the drag-and-drop functionality.

On Windows, hold down 'Ctrl' and click each file. On Mac, hold down 'Command' and click each file.

How to Create a New Folder

To create a new folder, click “+New” on the top right of the File Manager, and click “New Folder” from the dropdown. Select a name for your new folder and click “Create”.

Our File Manager will then slot your new folder alphabetically into the Folders list.

How to Rename a File/Folder

You can rename any folders that you have created. The pre-built folders automatically included on your File Manager are unable to be edited/deleted.

To rename your file/folder, locate the item you would like to rename, and click the 3 dots under “Action”, and then click “Rename”:

How to Delete a File/Folder

You can delete any files or folders you have created/uploaded.

Follow the same same steps above for renaming the file/folder, but instead of clicking “Rename”, click “Delete”.


Question 1: What is the file size limit for each upload?

Answer 1: You can upload up to 1 Gig at a time.

Question 2: What if I accidentally delete a file?

Answer 2: You can retrieve accidentally deleted files by clicking “Show all” on the top left of the File Manager, and select “Show recently deleted files”

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