Password Manager

How to utilize our password manager with your Bookkeeper360 team.

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Password Manager

For certain services such as bookkeeping, tax preparation and accounting Bookkeeper360 will need access to your books or payroll, we have made this process easy with our Password Manager. You can upload new passwords and update them as needed, we store them securely and all passwords are encrypted.

How do I navigate to the Password Manager?

To get to the Password Manager page, navigate to left hand navigation bar, and click "Password Manager"

You will then brought to the Password Manager, which will you all currently utilized credentials:

How do I submit a new password?

At the top right you will see a blue button that says "New Password", click that. Fill out the fields on this page:

Name: (Name of Account/Bank/Software Program, etc)

Login Type: (Is it a bank, Payroll, etc)


Password: (all of your password are stored securely and are encrypted)

Weblink (URL):

Notes (Provide any security questions or anything we may need to know about the account)

Once those are filled out click-->Create Password

How do I update a password?

On the Password Configuration page, you will see any saved passwords. From there click-->Edit to update existing passwords.

What if the password changes/expires?

If you change your password or need to update it due to it being expired, follow the same steps as updating a password, you can also make a note on when it expires under the Notes section.

Who can see the password?

Only authorized Bookkeeper360 employees can see the password, this would be the team member working on your books, payroll, etc.


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